UNLEASH the student
UNCHAIN the teacher

Deepen Your Practice Both On & Off The Mat


What You Can Expect To Learn From Our Program:

  • The fundamentals of yoga history, philosophy and ancient texts

  • Sanskrit meaning and pronunciation of each asana

  • The Eight Limbs of Yoga and how to incorporate them into your daily life and teaching

  • A daily yoga routine

  • Your voice as a teacher

  • Effective sequencing

  • How to uncover and listen to your inner teacher and to quiet your inner critic

  • How to be supported as you become an effective, powerful and ethical yoga teacher

  • Safely adjust students, verbally and physically

  • Yoga anatomy

  • How to register with Yoga Alliance® as a teacher


Jennifer Fujii

About the Creators & Founders of Inspired Thrive Yoga Teacher Training Program

Jennifer Fujii and Shannan Donovan, owners of Inspired Yoga and Thrive respectively, offer students an opportunity to grow—and grow vigorously. Yoga is more than a form of exercise and Jennifer and Shannan strive to honor its core purpose—a path to self-realization and transformation.

Shannan Donovan


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Begins MARCH 16, 2019
early bird enrollment: 2/1/19


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