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Jennifer Fujii: Owner of Inspired Yoga

The creator/founder of the program offers students an opportunity to grow—and grow vigorously. Yoga is more than a form of exercise and Jennifer strives to honor its core purpose—a path to self-realization and transformation.

Jennifer brings her students and community the best that yoga and teaching training have to offer. She shares a passion to help cultivate Yoga teachers by passing on their decades of experience to new teachers. When you join forces with Jennifer, you’re committing to an adventure that guarantees to exceed even your most ambitious expectations.


Jennifer Fujii

• Owner, Inspired Yoga
• Aerobic Gymnastics Gold Medalist
• Patanjiali’s Yoga Sutras
• Raja Yoga
• Shiva Rea
• Baptiste School of Yoga


Jennifer Fujii has spent the past two decades in the health and fitness industry. Her passion is the platform she has built her life on. Through her dedication to unlocking the power of possibility that lies within us all, Jennifer guides others to uncover the best within themselves. Jennifer competed at the highest level of her chosen sport, Aerobic Gymnastics, winning three USA gold medals and placing 8th in the world in 2009.

Jennifer is the founder of Inspired Fitness Training Center in the heart of Sebastopol, California. Her mission and message resonates profoundly across the board. She doesn't just "train" people, she inspires them to, “Leave their bags at the door" and walk into their unique opportunity. Jennifer has been a teacher for over twenty years. Her teaching path brought her to yoga in 2012.

“I wanted to take my students beyond the burpee. I wanted to ignite a different kind of fire under their butts.”

As an avid yogi, teaching was a natural progression. With over 400 hours of yoga teacher training, and multiple other Yoga immersions along the way, Jennifer’s yoga background and what she draws upon is based on Patanjiali’s Yoga Sutras, Raja Yoga, Shiva Rea, and most recently, the Baptiste School of Yoga. With her second 200 Teacher Training via Baptiste, the Baptiste methodology, practices and sequencing are a constant presence as a student and teacher. “Be a YES, Be in the NOW and drop your rocks,” is all part of Jennifer’s philosophy and what she strives to instill in both her yogi students and future yoga teachers. Always a student first, Jennifer continues to add to her Yoga Alliance hours and is currently studying with the Janet Stone Yoga School.

Jennifer’s manner balances humor with discipline, openness with boundaries and finding YOUR edge in the NOW. In Jennifer’s Class, you can expect a powerful flow accessible to all levels that is breath focused and designed to empower the student. As a teacher, Jennifer is committed to meeting her students where they're at and being an invitation to find a new edge of possibility. Jennifer values how what shows up on the mat can be used in everyday life. By opening to a new way of being on the mat, a new way of being in life opens up off the mat.

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